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Abaddon is the Angel of the Abyss, described as the king of the locusts in the book of Revelations and is typified as the cause of wars and earth quakes, the accomplice of death and the perpetrator of all destructions on earth.
And yet, Abaddon remains an enigma: Sometimes he is an angel that condemns, not in the name of Satan, but in the name of God. In that way, he destroys on God's request.
Both heaven and hell see him as an ally or an enemy.
The two themes in this concert piece for violin and symphonic orchestra are based on this contradiction: A chromatic theme is created for Abaddon as the antichrist; the sound of a 'whole-tone' scale reflects his being a prince-angel. That same contradiction is also reflected in the orchestration and the general ambiance.

violin solo and symphonic orchestra
Publication Number
Difficulty 5/6
copyright - tom de haes - 2017