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Amity and Sweetness

Tom De Haes wrote 'Amity and Sweetness' to surprise his girlfriend, with whom he celebrated their 10th anniversary on November 10th.
The title carries a dual meaning: While the separate words indicate the human characteristics of his lovely girlfriend, Amity and Sweetness (an English translation for the Old Dutch expression 'Pais en Vree') embodies their ideal of peace, which forms the basis for their happiness. The ascending sixth, one of music's most expressive of intervals, is central in trying to express the intimate character of the composition.
The attractive introduction appears as a short motive before gradually expanding into a broad expressive melody that resounds in the different sound registers and instrument groups. It builds up to a climax at the very end, where the theme is reused in a majestical orchestration. The composition ends quietly and solemnly.
Scherzando Music Publishers, P.O. Box, CH-6332 Hagendorn, Switzerland
Concert Band - Fanfare Band
Publication Number
1557 - 08 S
Difficulty 3/6
CD Recording

Concert Band:
Dimensions, The Symphonic Band of the Lemmens Conservatory, DHR 04-021-3, 2008

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