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Shattering Sparks

Shattering Sparks was commissioned by the 'Koninklijke Fanfare Hoop in de Toekomst' in Eppegem ( Belgium ) to celebrate their 115 th anniversary. Caught by the enormous joie de vivre and the group's enthusiasm, Tom made this vitality into the basis for this composition.
After a solemn opening part, the piece builds up to the first energetic theme, which symbolizes the joyful, dynamic ambiance that is so typical of this orchestra. Several key interventions later, the composition uses 4 th chords to end the first theme in inversion.
The close ties and deeper values that unite this very heterogeneous group of people are emphasized in the middle part.
The energetic ambiance, unleashed at the beginning of the piece, returns in the third part. Here, the main theme from the middle part pops up again, after which a short percussion intermezzo makes the piece come to a powerful and intense end.
Scherzando Music Publishers, P.O. Box, CH-6332 Hagendorn, Switzerland
Concert Band - Fanfare Band
Publication Number
1204-05-010 S
Difficulty 5/6
CD Recording

Concert Band:
Jan Van der Roost presents: Maxime Aulio, Tom De Haes, Hayato Hirose & Kevin Houben
, Nagoya University of Arts Wind Orchestra, DHR 04-017-3, 2005

Fanfare Band:
Shattering Sparks, Fanfare Band Koninklijke Landmacht 'Bereden Wapens', DHR 12-007-3, 2006

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