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Tom De Haes

Born March 5 1979, Tom De Haes graduated from the Lemmens Conservatory in Leuven as Master Saxophone (in Nadine Bal's class), Master in Composition (under Jan Van der Roost, Master in band direction (under Edmond Saveniers) and Master in Chamber Music. He also obtained the Higher Diploma of Saxophone and the aggregate diploma. After finishing his studies at the K.U. Leuven (Royal University of Leuven), he added the title of Master in Musicology to this incredible list. Both as a saxophone player and a composer, Tom won several national and international competitions and Sabam awarded him the medal for Belgian Artistic Promotion. He is active as a saxophone player, a teacher, a director and a composer. On May 1, 2011 Tom De Haes was appointed Director KSO Lemmens Institute.
His compositions, which are not quite that numerous yet, but do reach many different instrumentations, have been performed by the Nagoya University of Arts Wind Orchestra, the Royal Netherlands Army Band 'Johan Willem Friso', the Spectra ensemble, the Clarinet Choir 'Walter Boeykens' and many others. Several of his compositions were recorded on CD and published by DMP, Beriato and De Haske.
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White Winged Flight, for Concert Band / Fanfare Band

CD Winds on Fire

Coming Soon
Kobold Dance, for Saxophone Eb/Bb and piano